How to Construct A Models Fitness Body

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How to Construct A Models Fitness Body

Team MuscleTech’s Lindsay Cappotelli shares seven tips to help women fulfill their dream corps. Learn how to exercise, stay motivated and track your progress.

Hopefully most of us now realize that the girls’ dream of becoming gigantic and “manly” when lifting weights is a fallacy. Rather than turning women into huge, bulky “bodies,” the muscles create a lean, toned silhouette. They can make your body firm and strong, soft and limp. The girl does not want this?

That said, muscle building isn’t always an easy task for women particularly. When you just like a toned and muscular body that others admire you have to be committed and long-term. To those that are seriously interested in building strength, here are  some of my tips from what I have experienced in my more than 10 years of training that have helped me to grow the strength I have now: Don’t ignore cardio: girls sometimes receive cardiovascular support from the workout routine and the dumbbells have pushed the back of the burner when it really should be the opposite. If you don’t have excess body fat to lose, you might even consider removing cardio altogether or restricting it to only 1-2 workouts a week with high intensity intervals.

More to eat!

Another mistake people make is clearly not eating enough when attempting to build muscle. Eat just the salads every day, I won’t cut them! You’ll need to eat a few more calories than you burn to add muscle.

Besides lean beef, chicken, turkey, and eggs, drinking a couple of protein shakes is one way to help you fulfill your normal protein and calorie needs. I love getting my NitroTech protein right after the workout, and Phase8 before bed.

Heavier lift: Ladies, do not be afraid to escape this 12-15 rehearsal zone! When I began lifting more weight in the 5-8 range with repetitions, that was when I started seeing results. Plus, lifting heavy loads and being solid is an amazing feeling!

Concentrate on building simple and compound lifts and seek to start adding more weight to the bar. Don’t worry about moving heavy things! You’ll be shocked at how strong you are.

Keep a training log: I think this aspect is important and is often ignored. Rather than going to the gym and doing stuff at random or whatever you feel like today, it’s easier to stick to a schedule.

Keep track of your sets of exercises, weights, reps and rest periods, so you can try to make things easier week after week. I like to schedule my workouts every 4-6 weeks in advance to make sure I’m continually progressing in some way or another.

Train with intensity: 

Many people don’t really understand what growing intensity means, so they never get the results that they should. You have to be highly concentrated while you’re exercising; not just doing the movements.

Focus on the muscle on which you function. Set your mind at it. Feel like it’s shifting and shrinking. Breathe focus Make every rep count!

Take pictures of progress: 

As you look at yourself every day, it is often difficult to assess how your body is changing. Taking improvement pictures every 2 months is one of the easiest ways to assess how the body progresses. One way to track outcomes is by weighing and measuring, but photographs will tell the true tale.

Getting the right mindset: 

Performance does not arrive overnight and there will be occasions when you believe you are not making progress. Don’t want to get discouraged. Transforming your body will take years so don’t give up!

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