Fasteners Suppliers In India

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Fasteners Suppliers In India

They carry a full line of steel fastening fasteners products, such as Screw, Hex Bolt, Screw, Hast Alloy, Washer, with a wide degree of products. We have been successful in serving various industrial segments that include chemicals, petrochemicals, engineering, etc., in addition to others. For most requirements, we offer shipping based on customer needs.  


Bufab is a strong brand that stands for quality, service and variety. Leading manufacturers and distributors of quality High- grade stainless steel insurers with cost-effective purchasing and in-house production, providing the best quality to our customers is our primary goal.   

We exceed the expectations of our demanding customers in several different industrial segments. We serve customer segments in energy, engineering, furniture, chemistry, pharmaceuticals, defence, electronics and telecommunications.   


  • Established in 1977
  • Turnover approx. EUR 240 
  • Approx. 700 employees 
  • Focus on end-user sales
  • A leading supplier of fasteners and small parts in Europe
  • Our owner Nordic Capital
  • Private equity firm established in 1990
  • Acquired Bufab 2005
  • Focusing on medium and large companies in mature industries
  • Flathead screws


BUFAB holds a strong position in Europe and around the world. They constantly strive to stay one step ahead in growth. Our entire staff is dedicated to the pursuit of quality. They also play an active role in development, promoting participation on a personal level.   

Why Bufab

  • corporate contract
  • Consolidated volumes generate price advantages.
  • A defined Global Key Account organization
  • Dedicated communication
  • Bufab has a transparent ERP system
  • Enabling the standardization of projects.
  • A consolidated quality level
  • The same level of quality regardless of supply point
  • Logistics
  • Cost-effective shipping through the Bufabs Trans-Europe flat rate system


Sterling Tools Ltd was established in 1979 and commercial production began in 1981. We made our first public offering in 1995 and were listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange (EEB) and on the National Stock Exchange (NSE). As the leading producer of cold-forged high-strength fasteners, we supply all major automobile manufacturers. Today we are one of the leading providers in India with a customer base that spans India, USA, Europe, South America and the Middle East.  


We achieve perfection and excellence in our production by visualizing the general balance of all attributes, guaranteeing customer satisfaction. 

Their excellent and competent workforce is responsible for much of our success. We have reached a leadership position in the industry due to the constant contribution of our people towards our corporate vision of “sustainable growth through general excellence”. 

Strength In The Industry

Bolts and nuts are the invisible base of structures. All the more reason you want to be absolutely sure that you have the most reliable one. Since 1979, we have proven to be successful in the field of bras, establishing an indelible presence.  

Precisely built to fit your needs.  

With STL, you have the perfect closure, durable and precision manufactured. We guarantee strength and reliability with our critically manufactured high strength cold forged fasteners. They are made to conform to a variety of standards: Indian, German, Japanese, American, and British.  

Connectors are essential to build and allow you to expand. Like the bolts and nuts we manufacture, our workforce lays a solid and dynamic foundation. Reliable, competent and nutritious, they have made our company become a leading Indian OEM supplier to the automotive industry in India and worldwide.  

The House of Bras

Located in the country of India, The Fasteners House is in an ideal position for strategic manufacturing, export and distribution etc. Our goal is to provide quality closures to meet the specialized requirements of our clients.    

To improve price competitiveness, we invested in various manufacturing sectors. This makes us able to supply many types of fasteners, threaded rods, strut support system parts, accessories, and hardware products. We could provide a one-stop shopping service, saving our customers a lot of buying costs and maximizing their profits.   

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